W4FAR Repeater: 145.37 MHz (-) 94.8 CTCSS - W4FAR DMR Repeater: 440.5375 (+)

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FARC Field Day 2020
Saturday, June 27, 2020, 11:00AM
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2020 Field Day with the Foothills Amateur Radio Club

Due to the COVID virus, field day will be as individual operators from home under the club call. We will consolidate our logs for submission.

 Please use the contact us form for more information if you wish to operate with the club call.

Talk-in on the W4FAR repeater, 145.37 (-) 94.8 CTCSS or the W4FAR DMR repeater - local talkgroup, 440.5375 (+)


Location: QTH of Tom (KA4TGS), on Buck's Knob

Location: Home!

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