W4FAR Repeater: 145.37 MHz (-) 94.8 CTCSS - W4FAR DMR Repeater: 440.5375 (+)


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Local Area Repeaters

A listing of repeaters that cover our area. All are analog unless noted that they are part of the NC PRN DMR network.





The NC PRN DMR Network

The PRN system is a fully digital repeater system that utilizes an ETSI Standard called Digital Mobile Radio, or DMR. The system is comprised of individual, independently owned repeaters that are linked full time to create a wide-area repeater system that covers parts of several southeast states. The repeater owners utilize on-demand linking that allows a user to connect with others around the world. Each of the repeaters are able to support two voice conversations at the same time. So, while a user in Raleigh, NC is talking to a user in Columbia, SC, another user can be talking to someone across town, or around the world.


NC PRN Repeaters will have the following:


Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 1

  • Local — 27500
  • PRN Chat 1 — 27501
  • PRN Chat 2 — 27502
  • PRN Chat 3 — 27503
  • PRN Chat 4 — 27504
  • PRN Chat 5 — 27505
  • Echotest Server — 9998

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 2

  • PRN — 2



N4YR Repeater has the following:


Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 1

  • DMR 1 — 39478

Talkgroups Available on Time Slot 2

  • DMR 2 — 39479


 North Carolina Repeater List

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